Katha Saagar

Katha Saagar


The tales from “Katha Saagar” by Sri Swamiji,  a compilation of simple stories from our epics and Puranas on various gods and goddesses and sages and Rishis . The stories talk about moral principles and righteous way of spiritual and social life in a simple language easy enough for children to understand.

  1. God’s grace:

    Great wonders occur at the instance of God. Even the most dreadful situations can change into pleasant ones with divine intervention.

  2. Patience:

    “Mahatmano hi se santi bhumya kshama yassamah”
    ‘Great souls have patience on par with Mother Earth herself’ – short story on importance of being patient.

  3. The foolish King:

    Story of a foolish King whose only objective of life s pursuit of physical comforts.

  4. The little lion:

    A story of lost lion cub raised among the sheep who also ends up acting like one- Until an older lion comes along and shows the little cub his true nature and teaches him to be a real lion that he is. A Sadguru also, acts as a mirror and shows the disciple his true self and teaches him to rise higher levels.

  5. Haste:

    Actions and decisions made in haste will have dangerous implications.

  6. Timely action:

    A proper and timely action can only save the day. Story to teach the importance of time and action.

  7. Values:

    Only the one who fully understands the nature of different things realizes their worth/value.

  8. Effect of association:

    ‘Man is known by the company he keeps’ story teaches the effects of good and bad associations.

  9. Bhageeratha’s Endeavor:

    Effective effort and divine blessing can help a man accomplish great things. Story of King Bhageeratha goes to prove just that.

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